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Ogust - After opener's weak 2 preemptive bid, a 2 Notrump Call by responder instructing opener to rebid using a conventional step response describing the preemptive hand's suit quality and overall strength.  Some disciplined weak 2 openers use "binodal" opening range, depending on vulnerability (the ACBL limits the range to 7 points).  Also see  Convention Card Instructions, Feature and books on Preempts

Here are typical preemptive weak 2 opening bid ranges used by Ogust players:

Your Side


Preemptive Weak 2
Opener Point Range



Less, as 3-9



Less, as 3-9



Perhaps 8-11
(some play less than 8)
Vul Non-Vul More, as 8-11

Accordingly, these ranges will affect responder's  "good or bad" response.

2D/H/S - 2N:




Bad overall strength, bad suit quality


Bad overall strength, good suit quality


Good overall strength, bad suit quality


Good overall strength, good suit quality


Solid trump suit = A K Q x x x

Note: A good trump suit usually promises 2 of 3 top honors; some players reverse the meaning between the 3D and 3H Calls (Harold Ogust's original treatment).

Rather than increasing the level of opener's preempt, some crafty Responders use a 2N response with negligible values.  Particularly when opener's suit is Spades, this "Dump Ogust" tactic sometimes confuses the opponents' (especially the advancer) into thinking responder holds invitational values.  Of course, if partnership have an explicit understanding of this method the bid is alertable.

Many play a new suit bid by responder is forcing one round (i.e., RONF - Raise Only Non Forcing) while others play responder's new suit in merely invitational. If an opponent interferes after opener's preemptive bid, responder's new suit bid is not forcing.

Alternatively, some players incorporate one features from the McCabe Adjunct - see  Details (alertable).  Playing the McCabe feature when Right Hand Opponent makes a double over partner's weak 2 opener:

2D - (X) - 2H;


A direct raise of opener's suit is competitive, usually showing an honor (Diamonds here)


A bid in a new suit is lead directing (Hearts here), also showing competitive length in opener's suit without honor strength.

Wise partnerships also have bidding understandings when opponents interfere before or after responder's 2N Ogust call.  For instance, after 2N some play Ogust "systems on" including the "stole my bid" Double, while others use a DOPI or DOP1 mechanism.

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