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Moscow Escape - Especially when playing Weak Notrump openers, a conventional countermeasure when opponent Doubles for penalty.  Here is one of several escape variations used by players, this one an adaptation of the DONT convention:



1N - (X) - XX

Responder's Redouble shows a single-suited hand

1N - (X) - 2C

Shows a two-suited hand: Clubs and a higher suit

1N - (X) - 2D

Shows a two-suited hand: Diamonds and a higher suit

1N - (X) - 2H

Shows a two-suited hand: Hearts and Spades

1N - (X) - 2S

To play in Spades, taking up more bidding space than beginning with a Redouble followed by 2S

A popular adaptation to Escapes includes:



1N - (X) - P - (P);

Responder 's Pass forces opener to Redouble; the Redouble may show a one-suited hand to be disclosed by responder or Pass to convert to punish the opponents' for an ill-advised Double. Incidentally, opener's Redouble functions similar to the Lebensohl 2 Notrump conventional call, as: (2x) - X - (P) - 2N.  Thus, a 2 level responder bid is to play and a 3 level bid invites game (stronger than a direct 3 level bid over opponent's Double)

1N - (X) - P - (P);
XX - (P) - 2D

Responder belatedly shows a single-suited Diamond hand; with a 4-3-3-3 hand, if opponents' again Double, a subsequent Redouble is "SOS", asking partner to name a longer suit

1N - (X) - P - (P);
XX - (P) - P

Responder shows good values by subsequently Passing, anticipating making the 1 Notrump contract for a good result; if opponents' enters the auction, their contract will now likely be Doubled for penalty.

Note: many creative escape variations are in use today, requiring partnership discussion on specific methods.    See SOS Redoubles, Exodus, Bergen Redouble Over Notrump

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