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Exodus - An escape mechanism using the redouble when opponent's attempt to penalize partner's 1 Notrump opening bid.  Having a convention as Exodus in the bidding arsenal is imperative for partners opening with Weak Notrump or Mini Notrump ranges.  The following assumes opponent's double is for penalty:



1N - (X) - XX - (P);

A redouble by responder shows a one-suited hand, forcing opener to "puppet" to 2C.  Responder will pass or correct to the final bid, opener must pass.

1N - (X) - 2x

A suit bid such as 2D by responder shows a two-suited hand including the suit bid and usually the next higher ranking suit.  However, if the suits are not adjacent, responder retains the option to correct opener's rebid to the secondary suit as a signoff attempt.

1N - (X) - XX - (P);
2C - (P) - 2N

Responder's redouble followed by 2N is a Forcing Stayman bid

1N - (X) - 2N - (P);

Responder's direct 2N bid shows an extra long one-suited hand; opener is forced to bid 3C, which responder may pass or correct.

Note: many creative escape variations are in use today, requiring partnership discussion on specific methods.  See SOS Redoubles, Moscow Escape, Bergen Redouble Over Notrump and books on Doubles

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