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ACBL Tech File
Intermediate Novice Guide


This document is provided courtesy of the
American Contract Bridge League

2990 Airways Blvd. S Memphis TN 381163847
S Fax 9013987754

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                                                          IN.022 (PAGE 1)  



     Units and Districts needing assistance in setting up a Newcomer

     program should call 901-332-5586 ext.307. You can also contact us at

     our Website (; Select Information and then New Player

     Services.  E-mail can also be addressed to our I/N coordinator at



     The following modifications to Newcomer Games are approved for clubs

     or at tournaments.  Club and tournament chairmen may, but need not,

     adopt these modifications.

     1. In certain circumstances, and subject to specified conditions, one

        or two players who hold more than 20 master points may be allowed

        to play in a Newcomer Game.


      A. Where there is a single Newcomer player available who, if

         partnered,  would mean the elimination of a 1/2 table movement

         (i.e., 13 pairs  plus one single -- a 6 3/4 table game that

         would, by adding a player, become seven tables).  In this

         instance, one non-Newcomer may be allowed to play.

      B. When there is an odd number of "legal" Newcomer pairs entered,

         resulting in half table movements, two non-Newcomer players may

         be  allowed to participate PROVIDED EACH PLAYS WITH A Newcomer

         PARTNER, and if a Mitchell type movement is used, the two pairs

         sit in opposite directions.

          In no case shall the two ineligible players play together.


     2. Any pair in which one player is a non-Newcomer shall be ineligible

        to receive master points and shall not be ranked.


     3. Ineligible pairs do not count in table totals.  A game consisting

        of four pairs of Newcomer and two pairs each containing one

        Newcomer is considered  a three-table game even though the two

        pairs are ineligible for master point awards.


     4. A partnership containing an ineligible player may use only those

        conventions on the ACBL limited convention chart or the

        conventions permitted by the club or tournament to the other pairs

        in the game, whichever is the more restrictive.


     5. At the discretion of the club or tournament chairman, three-member

        pairs may be permitted.  Master points earned shall be apportioned

        among the three players (all Newcomers) according to the number of

        boards each played.


     Management believes that with this added flexibility, the

     conscientious club manager, or tournament chairman, can solve many of

     the problems now encountered in some Newcomer games.  The basic

     change, of course, is that  under certain circumstances up to, but not

     more than, two non-Newcomers may  play in a Newcomer game.  The other

     change is that three-player pairs will be approved in Newcomer games.

     It must be emphasized that these changes are permissive -- NOT

     required -- and may, or may not, be implemented by governing bodies of

     clubs and tournament chairmen.



                                                          IN.022 (PAGE 2)  



     Finally these changes apply ONLY to games with an upper master point

     limitation of 20, or fewer (applicable to a game restricted to players

     holding less than ten master points; not applicable in 49er games).

                             (Management Report to the Board - July, 1978) 


                          HOME-STYLE TOURNAMENTS




     FIRST DEAL  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Neither side is vulnerable

     SECOND AND THIRD DEALS. . . . . . . . .Dealer's side is vulnerable

                                              (other side is not)

     FOURTH DEAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Both sides are vulnerable


     There is a bonus of 300 for making a non-vulnerable game and 500 for

     making a  vulnerable game.  In the fourth deal only, there is a bonus

     of 100 for making a part score that does not complete a game. Tricks,

     penalties, slams and  honors are scored as in rubber bridge but there

     is no rubber bonus.  Part scores carry over, but any game wipes out

     previous part-scores. The contest will be governed by the LAWS OF




     It is the position of the ACBL that the most important events at any

     tournament are the Newcomer games.  The care and nurturing of our

     newer players should be of prime importance to the DIC and to the

     directors he assigns to work the event.  Newcomers should be given the

     best possible space and the director should announce, at the beginning

     of the game, that he is there to serve them and will be happy to

     answer questions and solve problems for them.


     Remember, increased tournament attendance depends on making

     tournaments fun for our newer players.



     A Unit shall be allowed Newcomer Sectionals, each from one to three

     days long, based on the following formula:

                  under 100 members              1 per year

                  101-500 members                2 per year

                  501+ members                   3 per year


     Additional Newcomer Sectionals may be sanctioned at the discretion of



     Unit organizers of Newcomer Sectionals should seek input and help from

     each of the Unit's clubs.  Club Newcomer schedules and advertising

     should be solicited  and material provided must be prominently

     displayed at the tournament.


     Units obtaining sanctions for Newcomer Sectionals should schedule

     events for 0-100 MP players at their regular Sectionals and Regionals

     during the next year.



                                                          IN.022 (PAGE 3)  



     Sanctions for Newcomer Sectionals should be obtained from headquarters

     at least four months in advance of the event to allow for two months'

     listing in  the Newcomer Sectional Box of the ACBL BULLETIN.

                                     (Board of Directors - November, 1989) 

     NOTE: See TRNFEES for current sanction fees, etc.



     Up to five strats are now permitted at tournaments in a one session

     event which has an upper limit of 300 or fewer masterpoints --

     specifically an IN event.  (Board of Directors - July, 1999)

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