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ANNOUNCEMENTS - An announcement is one word or a short phrase which tells the opponents directly the meaning of partner's call. When bidding boxes are used, the "Alert" strip is tapped also.  The color blue on the convention card indicates a call requiring an "Announcement."  Announcements are required in the following instances:

    1. After a natural one notrump opening bid.

    EXAMPLE: A 15-17 1NT opening bid is made. The partner of the bidder will say aloud, "fifteen to seventeen."

    2. After a or transfer response at any level to any level natural notrump opening, overcall or rebid.

      An Announcement also is used for those methods that initially treat the bid as a transfer even though rarely the bidder will have a strong hand without the next higher suit. When the message is sent that the transfer was not a transfer, just the first step in showing another type of game-going hand, the call that sends that message must be Alerted.

    EXAMPLES: 1NT-P-2 and 1-1NT-2-4 The 1NT bidder will say aloud, "Transfer."

    3. After a 1NT forcing or semi-forcing response to a 1 or 1 opening bid with no interference.

    EXAMPLE: 1-P-1NT The opening bidder will say aloud, "Forcing" or "Semi-forcing," if there was no other meaning attached to the agreement (such as showing four or more spades).

    4. After a non-forcing opening 1 or 1 for which the opener could have fewer than three cards in the suit opened.

    After the opening bid, the opening bidder's partner says, "May be short."

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