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Barbara Seagram - Barbara is one of the foremost Bridge Teachers in the world and arguably the most recognizable Bridge author after creating her wildly successful "25 Conventions You Should Know."  After that home run hit, Barbara has penned numerous follow-up books in the series and other excellent books targeted for the emerging, intermediate and upcoming duplicate player.  When Barbara and Alex are not at home, you can travel with them on their Bridge cruises and trips.  And if you thought her books were great, just wait until you attend her classes with fun, engaging and insightful teaching methods!   Click here to see for yourself...

Marty Bergen - Hi - this is Marty Bergen. You can find all the information you might want about my books, my interactive software and other products available. There are also free sample chapters from my newest books, Slam Bidding Made Easier, Better Slam Bidding with Bergen, and more, like checklists, quizzes and tips you can save and print.

Blue Chip Bridge - "Blue Chip Bridge is the intelligent bridge program for players of all standards, with extra features for beginners and improving players.  Many would-be bridge players are discouraged from learning bridge because they think that it is too difficult a game for them. Learn with Blue Chip Bridge, that leads you step-by-step through the basic stages. By the end of the course, you should be able to take your place at the bridge table with confidence and a thorough understanding of the elements of the game."

Bridge7 - Learn or improve your bridge by numerous articles, tests and free software.

BridgeAcademy - Bridge Academy of North Dallas offers bridge classes to all levels-beginner for advanced-including social bridge players who wish to take their game to the next level. The Bridge Academy has an extensive bridge library for your use and enjoyment.

Bridge Base - Bridge Base Inc. was founded in 1990 by Fred Gitelman, President, and Dr. Sheri Winestock, Vice-President.  Makers of instructional Bridge software for the end user and authors as well as Bridge Base Online, a free service offered to bridge players everywhere.

Bridge by NWP - A comprehensive directory of Bridge links including organizations, tournament results, Laws, education and training, clubs/organizations/individuals, newsgroups and mailing lists, Internet magazines, online Bridge play, Howell movements, and software. - Detailed and insightful Bridge articles, brief description of popular conventions, ethics and etiquette, along with highlights of Bridge history, professionals, and scandals.

Mike Lawrence - Professional contract bridge player, leading author, and teacher.  Mike has written more than twenty bridge books, most of them exploring areas that no one else was willing to write about. His writings include numerous book-of-the-year awards starting with his first book, How to Locate Your Opponents' Cards and continuing through Opening Leads, published in late 1996.  Mike has joined forces with Fred Gitelman to produce a series of bridge software products which allow the user to learn bridge in an interactive format.
Bridge Clues - This web site provides bridge puzzle type entertainment while giving clues for improving your bridge game, with two free hands on bidding and play.

Bridge Conventions - "Systems: A brief introduction to the some of the most popular bidding systems around today. I have links to other online resources that provide more information on specific systems. Conventions: In here you will find over 200 cross-referenced bidding conventions, all sorted into logical groups. Signals: An overview of the signals and discards generally employed by the defence."

Bridge - Offering a detailed list of Bridge links in the Netherlands, Europe, and the world.

BridgeFILES - "WEB-sites offers you some of the information you need and some of the information you would like to know. Emphasis is made on helping you to remember doing correctly what you intend to do. Sounds more simple than in real life... The systems you find here are mostly the versions used by the champions. I have tried to add interesting background information about those champions. Bridge is also history and sometimes interesting history!"

The Bridge Folks - Specializing in games and lessons for novices and intermediate players, a premire Bridge Club (located in London, Ontario, Canada).  The site has online bidding lessons for novices.

Bridge Guys - A leading Bridge website features numerous conventions, a complete bridge glossary and useful Bridge website links.  The site also includes excellent information regarding Bridge Greats, past and present, Bridge Olympics containing the names of those Bridge Players who have proven themselves on the Battle Field of the Bridge Table, a list of the Bridge Books printed, published and promoted by Bridge Experts around the world.

Bridge Holidays - "It is our objective to provide unique and exciting bridge holidays for players of all abilities plus those who want to learn. There is always a full and exciting programme that usually includes both Swiss teams and pairs)."   The site includes numerous freebies, useful Bridge links, a gallery of pictures, and more.

Bridge Links - A listing of numerous Bridge links, along with bidding and play stories.  Categories include: general, learn, personal, federations, publications, play online, results, and stories - Another comprehensive listing of numerous Bridge links with numerous categories:

About Bridge: Rules and Strategies, History, Glossary, Graphics,  Ratings, Probabilities and Analysis, Variations

Learn Bridge: Books, Magazines, Articles, Matches, Tutorials, Quizzes

Play Bridge: Sets and Accessories, Software, Online Play Sites, Online Leagues, Clubs and Organizations, Championships, Bridge Players

Bridge Resources: Bridge Forums, Bridge Fun, Bridge News, Bridge Shopping, Bridge Portals, Bridge Links - Excellent Bridge movies and 2/1 system notes for advancing players. The goal was to make it as consistent as possible, and with relatively few artificial gadgets for the depth of understanding. Some parts of the notes are useful no matter what system you play, those on tactics, competitive bidding, and defense to conventions - Offering a specialized listing of Bridge links in the Netherlands, Europe, and the world.

Bridge Perfect - " BridgePerfect is unlike other online Bridge Service Providers or any other form of online playing forum.  Known to many Bridge enthusiasts as the Driving Range of Bridge, BridgePerfect is what the serious Bridge player is missing.   Designed for you and/or your partner to explore all techniques and situations in bridge game, it also guide you through every move as the experts do in a hand."  Includes a database of over 8500 selected boards,

Bridge Plus - "The best and friendliest (readers say) bridge magazine in the UK.  Features book reviews, featured hand, a quiz hand of the month, with fun cartoons.

The Bridge Ring - WebRing currently provides users with access to a rich collection of navigation and directory resources, sharing a love for the game of bridge. The site includes bidding systems, computer software, tournaments, magazines, tips, etc.

BridgeSlam - Designed for the dedicated tournament bridge player: Systems, Nasty Conventions, The Officials, The Pros, Your Partner, Online Play, Background, Strategies, Signals, Events, Clubs, Shoppe - "On the internet since August of 2000. The community is over 600 members strong and growing, and represents a rich and varied diversity, with members from many countries throughout the globe. Our aim is to provide players with a unique, fun and informative place to discuss the many facets of contract bridge.  The message board consists of a series of forums for the discussion of bridge hands, systems, conventions, ethics, laws, rules - in fact anything at all relating directly or indirectly to bridge.  Each forum consists of a series of indexed topics and each topic consists of a series of messages. Users can post replies to existing topics or start their own new topics. Opinion polls, include bidding/conventions"

Bridge Tuition - Featuring Bridge holidays, various forms of teaching, with a nice online library of assorted conventions and useful Bridge information, and many Bridge links.

Bridge World - "the bridge magazine no bridge player should be without."  Offering a useful bridge glossary and numerous bridge online bridge articles and a huge listing of bridge website links.

Kate Buckman - Acclaimed the "top Bridge Club in North America, 2005, by the ACBL", the Toronto, Canada site offers a Bridge Club, Cruises and Trips, Books and products, photo album and more.




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