Intermediate & Advanced #12: Cover Cards, Losing Trick Count – Part II

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In issue #12 of our Intermediate-Advanced newsletter, we continue our exploration of advanced hand evaluation using Losing Trick Count (LTC).  Having looked at opener’s LTC methods, we will turn our attention to responder’s hand evaluation methodology and opener’s follow-up bidding.  Recall that making suit contracts is all about suit length and quick tricks with primary controls (Aces and Kings).  While LTC calculations still works for responder, we will learn using “Cover Cards” is a far quicker method to effectively evaluate bids. And Cover Card hand evaluation is particularly effective when considering game and slam bids.

Quiz yourself here on Cover Cards. (a 4MB music audio is attached – please allow time to load)

Also in this newsletter, we will check out an Appeal at the Washington DC NABC.  And like our last newsletter, again we will focus on what can go wrong when declarer makes a generalized claim without stating a specific line of play.

Note: Viewing the hands below requires your EMAIL reader to use “fixed fonts” (not proportional). If you have problems reading this document, please view our online web-based copy or Adobe Acrobat PDF file suitable for printing.

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