Social Lesson 22 #2, Negative Double, Opener Rebids

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Negative Doubles, redux – Part 2 is here, Opener’s time to rebid after partner responded with a Double. As we learned in Part 1, our agreements include:
1C – (1D) – X promises exactly 4-4 in the Major suits and 6+ points.
1C – (1H/1S) – X promises exactly cards in the other Major and 6+ points.
1C/1D – (1H) – X promises exactly 4 Spades and 6+ points.
1C/1D/1S – (1S) – X promises exactly 4 Hearts and 6+ points.
1y – (1z) – 2a promises 10+ points and a 5 card suit

So in this lesson we will try our hand rebidding opener’s hand with minimum, medium and maximum hands.

Negative Doubles #2, Part 1, Hands 1-2 (30 min)

Negative Doubles #2, Part 2, Hands 3-6 (37 min)

Negative Doubles #2, Part 3, Hand 7-9 & other bids (39 min)

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Social Lesson 22 – Part 1
Social Lesson 22 – Part 2
Social Lesson 22 – Part 3

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