Advanced Lesson 24 – Leads vs NT Contract, Part 2

Advanced Lesson 24 – Opening Leads vs NT Contract, Part 2

We are at it again with more not-so-glorious hands where the opponents are in a game or slam contract – boring, eh? Well, in most all cases on this lessons it’s up to the opening lead whether or not you and partner can set the contract.

Part 1 – 36 minutes: Let Counting, Inferences, Analysis Be Your Friend
Part 2 – 34 minutes
Part 3 – 33 minutes

If you like commentary, great! Here at BridgeHands all of our Bridge hands are full of narration for all players (regardless of who is the declarer and defender). So we will get inside the mind of each player, explain why each bid or play was made, including an analysis on hand evaluation, bidding and animated card play.  

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Advanced Lesson 24 – Part 1

Advanced Lesson 24 – Part 2

Advanced Lesson 24 – Part 3

As always and until our next show, Happy Trails until we meet again!