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Bridge Bidding and Bridge Play Polling Survey

Welcome to our Bridge polling survey. Here’s your chance to answer a polling question on Bridge bidding and play, immediately comparing your answers against other contestants here at BridgeHands. And while the most popular polling response vote may not be the best Bridge bid or play, we hope you will enjoy comparing your response to other Bridge players.

Once you have selected your response and press the “Vote” button, immediately you will be able to compare your result with others. After completing your response, you are not permitted to register additional votes for the current poll using your same web browser. At some point, the BridgeHands webmaster will close out each poll, allowing late arrivals to see the final voting tally. But don’t worry – we promise to regularly have fresh new polls available for you to register your vote to new questions. So vote early and often! Well, not quite – sorry, each contestant may only register one vote per polling item. Incidentally, our BridgeHands home page as well as the top of our “Polling You” BrigeBlog will always display the most recent polling question. To see our entire listing of current and prior polling questions, you’ve come to the right place – scroll down to view recent polls and responses by others.

It’s gratifying to know how other Bridge players think about bidding and play, particularly when our views and decisions are in concert with the mainstream.
However, occasionally we are surprised that our viewpoints are contrary to the majority of the pack.
Bidding and play survey polls offer us an excellent way to measure our responses against our colleagues.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy our Bridge “Polling You” questions!

Poll #1: November 13, 2010

Poll: Bidding Challenge
November 13, 2010

After the first day introducing our new “Polling You” survey, the leading vote choice has a big lead with 45 percent of the total votes and is way ahead by over 50 responses. After the second place position with 26 percent, third and fourth trail with 13 and 11 percent, leaving the lowest vote-getter with a meager 5 percent.

If you subscribe to BridgeHands FREE membership, please sign in with your ID and password (see box on upper-right right side of our BridgeBlog or click on link below) to view our double-dummy hand analysis of the above hand. We think many will be surprised by our computer simulation analysis that seems to refute the common thinking by some of our polling voters. If you don’t already subscribe to our FREE membership subscription, we welcome you to signup right away! (click on our signup link in the right column of the page).

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