Poll #1: November 13, 2010

Poll: Bidding Challenge
November 13, 2010

After the first day introducing our new “Polling You” survey, the leading vote choice has a big lead with 45 percent of the total votes and is way ahead by over 50 responses. After the second place position with 26 percent, third and fourth trail with 13 and 11 percent, leaving the lowest vote-getter with a meager 5 percent.

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  1. BridgeHands says:

    I don’t understand your ‘Conventional shape showing bid’ …..is this like using DONT or similar?
    In this case I would bid 2C showing clubs and a higher ranking suit.
    And, why would someone bid 2S?



    Hello Jaybo,

    Yes, the idea was to include a “catch-all” response (conventional shape-showing bid). You are right on, suggesting shape showing bids would include DONT or a similar conventional treatment over RHO’s 1 Notrump opener – 2C for DONT players is perfect. http://www.bridgehands.com/D/DONT.htm

    Of the dozen or so interference methods, none would use a 2S overcall to show a Heart-Club two suited conventional call. That would unnecessarily commit the partnership to the 3 level.

    However, based on South’s 10 cards in the “rounded suits” (Hearts and Clubs) it is entirely possible that LHO East will indeed make a call showing a long Spade suit. Please login to your membership subscription to see more details on our hand analysis.


    Warm Regards,


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