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Marketing Survey

BridgeHands - Q & A EMAIL Support
Marketing Survey


Serious prospective customers may receive one complimentary BridgeHands Q & A.

Please provide the following information - we promise to maintain your Privacy.

EMAIL or fax:

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1. Mark/check bridge services you use or plan to use:
a. Bridge Books:                 ___
b. Bridge software:             ___
c. Web-based Bridge games:___
d. Bridge teachers:             ___
e. Other:                           ___

2. Bridge areas of interest:
a. Rubber/Contract:            ___
b: Duplicate:                     ___
c: Online/Web-based:         ___
d: Tournament:                 ___

3. Familiar with or use:
a. OKBridge, BridgeBase, etc: ___
b. ACBL:                              ___
c. BridgeToday, etc:              ___
d. Baron Barclay:                  ___
e. Amazon Books:                 ___
f. BridgeWorld:                     ___

4. Methods used to purchase Bridge products and services:
a. Telephone (verbal):           ___
b. Fax:                                ___
c. Web (secure credit card):    ___
d. EMAIL:                             ___

5. How did you become aware of BridgeHands?
a. Friends:                           ___
b. Search engine:                  ___
c. Links from other websites:  ___

6. Favorite area of BridgeHands (rank High/Medium/Low):
a. Encyclopedia:                   ___
b. eMagazine:                      ___
c. Laws                               ___
d. Book Reviews:                  ___
e. Question/Answers:            ___
f. User websites:                  ___
g. Other:_____________________
h. Tourneys:                        ___

Your EMAIL address:______________________________________ (print clearly)

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