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 Show Up Squeeze - A squeeze situation where an attempt to finesse will fail. Declarer's strategy anticipates a possible finesse over tenaces will fail, needing to find another strategy.   In the Show Up squeeze, the declarer hopes the opponent holding the offside winner may be stripped down to an unprotected singleton, dropping on declarer's winner as well as the lower tenace.



J 9

 Declarer: South

 Contract: Notrump

K 7
  Q J


Declarer needs 4 remaining tricks to make a Notrump contract.  Here, declarer begins leading dummy's S10 looking for clues on opponents' discards before attempting the Heart finesse.  East is apparently squeezed in the minors, electing to discard the DQ

Continuing with the SQ, East is further squeezed this time pitching the C7 trying a diversified approach to protect the minors.  Declarer now leads a Club goes up with the CA, dropping East's singleton CK and cashes the CQ to make the contract.  East could do no better pitching the DQ on the second trick which would allow declarer to then win the D9 and the CA to again make 4 tricks.

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