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Cruise Company:     Celebrity Cruises

Cruise Ship/Vessel: Zenith

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March 2005, we traveled on the Celebrity Zenith in the Eastern Carribean. The Zenith had a gorgeous library with reclining chairs and tables with numerous jig-saw puzzles in various stages of completion. The card room was beautiful and nicely stocked with cards and games. I had the pleasure of being the bridge director on this cruise. I worked with a fabulous cruise director and his staff. They could not be more accommodating. The card room was in use by card players all day long and quite late into the night. The students in my classes and games, would go there after land excursions and after dinner, meet other players and form games. Naturally, I was delighted to join in with these delightful folks and still communicate with these new friends today. The ship supplied prizes for the bridge games and furnished beverages for the games, also. They really made every effort to accommodate us. The lessons and games literally filled the room and we had to bring in chairs from the library so that everyone would be able to sit down. This is a smaller and older ship, but it has it's charm and an eager to please staff. Yes, the staterooms are small, but, the other plusses more than make up for that. Bridge players were warmly welcomed.



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