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Cruise Company:     Holland America

Cruise Ship/Vessel: MS Statendam

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Meg Ensign (passenger), Stattendam: Sept. 17 to Oct. 4, 2005

I recently took a 17 day cruise on the Stattendam, one of the Holland-America cruise ships. We spend about nine days at sea so there was quite a lot of opportunity to play bridge.  A couple were the directors of the bridge. She seemed to know the rule, but her husband did not so I don't believe he does much directing. They consistently had eight tables of duplicate, but we never played more than 14 boards. They had considerably more tables of rubber bridge, so we were situated quite far apart which might have been difficult for the directors. The room where the duplicate was held was constantly kept at about 60 degrees which was pretty uncomfortable. The equipment provided by the ship, i.e. boards and cards, were not very complete.   We were all diehard bridge players so we all showed up anyway. The director scored the sessions by hand so we really never saw the results.  Unfortunately, she was apparently not allowed to post them anywhere. It was a fabulous cruise, if not the most fabulous duplicate bridge experience. I would go again in a minute.


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