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Cruise Company:     Celebrity Cruises

Cruise Ship/Vessel: Mercury

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Submitted September 27, 2006

My husband and I were on the Celebrity Mercury in April, 2006. We saw a gorgeous card room on the computer virtual tour before booking and we received a map of where the card room was when we went to board. The card room had been turned into a computer room. The card room no longer existed. They let the bridge players attend lessons & play a grame in Michael's Club, which is a cigar bar. It stunk !! And, there was no place on this ship to meet other players to play bridge after dinner. We were misled and would never had gone on this ship if we had been told the truth before buying & boarding. We felt we should have received a refund as they did not deliver what they advertised, but, that won't happen in this lifetime. We were not the only disgruntled bridge players.  GLH & JAH

BridgeHands response - Other bridge directors have mentioned that the Celebrity's new policy was to discontinue duplicate bridge on all but the trans-oceanic and Panama Canal trips.   We recommend you discuss amenities with either your travel agent or Celebrity before booking your cruise.  Here's an excerpt from Celebrity's website in October 2006 regarding their Internet room services:

From the convenience and privacy of your stateroom or suite, receive and send e-mails, keep in touch with business associates, check stock quotes and surf the net.  All you need to bring is a laptop computer with Windows-based operating systems, internal modem, and dial-up Internet capabilities. A nominal daily fee applies.

* Available onboard Millennium, Infinity, Constellation and Summit

Celebrity tells us indeed their Mercury card room has been converted to an Internet cafe.  On other ships, the decision to accommodate Bridge players is left to the discretion of Celebrity management.  Hopefully you will have better accommodations on your future bridge cruises.   Best wishes,   BridgeHands


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