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Name: Standard Book of Play
Author: Goren, Charles
Target Audience: Novice
Category: Bidding
Pages: 538 Date: 1942

Synopsis: This book is essentially one on the play of the cards but a chapter on bidding methods has been included, written with an eye to presenting practical bidding tactics, rather than the discussion of "systems." Regardless of the system you may employ, there can be no safe departure from certain fundamental truths. In a work of this sort, little claim can be laid to originality and I make no such pretense. I have borrowed freely from numerous reliable sources and, in a sense, all those who have previously written on the subject are collaborators of this text. This work may be regarded as a reference book, intended to consume one subject at a time. The student will enjoy working out the problems contained in the various quizzes, the use of a deck of cards actually spread on the table will probably bring home the point with greater clarity.

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