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Name: Improve Your Dummy Play: Book of Problems
Author: Milnes, Eric
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Play
Pages: 80 Date: 1969

Synopsis: This is the third book in a popular series of problems on the play of the cards at bridge. The series was first started by the late Ewart Kempson and continued by him in collaboration with Paul Lukacs. The present volume by Eric Milnes and Paul Lucacs loses nothing by comparison with its forerunners. As before, there are two parts to the book. In the first part the problems are presented in the form of declarer and dummy hands only, the reader being invited to plan the play after he has studied the bidding and - in some cases - the first few tricks. In the second part the problems are reproduced but this time all four hands are given, together with details of how the problems should be tackled and why the particular line of play has been chosen.

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