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Name: How to Play a Good Game of Bridge
Author: Reese, Terence
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Play
Pages: 181 Date: 1969

Synopsis: Bridge is a game with an elaborate technique both of bidding and play, and there are numerous text-books (we have contributed our share) dealing with these subjects. Here we have adopted a rather different scheme. The combined point count which we describe in Chapter 1, and the tables at the end, provide a standard of reference for all common situations in bidding. Thereafter, the book is a commentary rather than a technical account. We deal with broad subjects such as when to bid No Trumps rather than a suit, how to choose between biddable suits, how to exploit a part score, how to do the right thing in a competitive auction. As every player knows, there are many different styles and systems of bidding, some suitable for duplicate, some for the cut-in game. We have not paused to discuss points of theory. The method we describe is easy to play and will serve well for rubber bridge at any level.

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