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Name: Game of Bridge, The
Author: Reese, Terence
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Play
Pages: 208 Date: 2003

Synopsis: While the bidding is traditional British Acol, Reese's instruction on card play and defense remains valuable even for a modern North American reader. The purpose of this book is to provide a complete and objective account of how to become acquainted with the fascinating game of bridge. Reese is not concerned simply to give rules of thumb, as were so many authors both before and after him. He is concerned with providing a basic handbook of bridge that tells players the reasons for certain lines of bidding and play. The principles of strategy, starting with the fundamentals and working up to some quite advanced points are explained and no rules are laid down without the reasons for them being explained. Here you will find not only what to do but why you should do it.

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