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Name: Expert Game, The
Author: Reese, Terence
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Play
Pages: Date:

Synopsis: Rewritten and expanded by Barry Rigal, calling this book Terrance Reese's "Terence's Reese's magnum opus". Reese was largely responsible for first promulgating material on what were then the exotic subject of winkles, vise-squeezes and stepping stones. The book now includes a discussion of the use of trumps in squeezes. There is a whole genus of squeeze plays which require declarer to achieve an accurate reading of his opponents' cards. By and large the squeeze without the count, that is to say where a trick still has to be lost, forms some of the trickiest of positions. The strip-squeeze is but one example. There you endplay an opponent with his winner to lead into your tenace; however there are other more complex examples involving the use of trumps.

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