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Name: Dictionary of Suit Combinations, The
Author: Roudinesco, Jean-Marc
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Declarer
Pages: Date: 1965

Synopsis: This is the cheapest bridge book in the world. Why? If you want to know how to handle any suit combination, according to the context and to the number of tricks you need. You will know all about everything, but each consultation will cost you only a few pennies. "It is almost unbelievable that Jean-Marc Roudinesco has analyzed more than 20.000 card combinations in such detail. No one could have done it, I am sure." (Hugh Kelsey) "This work was missing. Jean-Marc Roudinesco´s Dictionary of Suit Combinations will become a bible which everyone will consult with pleasure, for his own benefit, notably thanks to the rules he has discovered and which will always be known legitimately as Roudi's Rules." (José Damiani)

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