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Name: Case for the Defence
Author: Mollo, Victor
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Defender
Pages: 311 Date:

Synopsis: This serious study of defense in bridge rightly takes its place among the classic instructional texts. A practical and entertainingly written explanation of the factors which influence defensive decisions. The reader is invited to analyze the problem and to work out the solution for himself and the points, which should have enabled him to reach the right conclusion, are then explained. Here, Victor Mollo presents two books in one - a textbook ranging over the whole field of defense, and a textbook with 150 problems. To allow the reader to measure his progress, the last 100 quizzes, divided into two parts, carry a built-in yardstick with marks for the answers. The author predicts that whatever the reader scores for the first 50 quizzes, he will return a higher score for the next 50 - in whatever order he tackles them. Whatever he does, he will win!

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