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Name: Cardinal Sins
Author: Reese, Terence
Target Audience: Novice+
Category: Entertainment
Pages: 160 Date: 1996

Synopsis: This book is the fourth title in the celebrated series of humorous bridge books. It is recognized as the world's best of it's kind. The card-play exploits of the monks at St Titus have a special place in bridge literature and their fame has now spread round the world. This is a further collection of highly entertaining stories from the monastery with, of course, a mass of brilliant and instructive bridge. One of the best aspects of this series is that the authors add a liberal quantity of wit to lighten the serious bridge content. You can read this book for the narrative with the technical problems as a bonus but it is certainly well worth trying to work out the play problems before seeing how they are solved in the book. Most of the problems should be within the grasp of a good club player and, if you get stuck on them, the narrative gives an insight into the thought processes of the players who wrestle with the problems in the book.

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