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Name: Bridge in the Menagerie: The Winning Ways of the Hideous Hog
Author: Mollo, Victor
Target Audience: Novice+
Category: Entertainment
Pages: Date:

Synopsis: “You may find us a little larger than life, but that is only because life at times is apt to be too drab and dreary.” So spoke the Hideous Hog, insufferable and all but insuperable, introducing a Young Kibitzer to the Menagerie’s club, the Griffins. Against a rich background of subtle bids and brilliant plays every member of the Griffins does his own thing with gusto, which is why they are all winners. Papa dazzles, often blinding himself in the process. Karapet savors every particle of misfortune, and The Rueful Rabbit does the right thing, but invariably for the wrong reason. The reader will recognize them all and himself too, perhaps, as he sits down to play at the Griffins, the club with no losers.

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