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Name: Bridge Squeezes Complete
Author: Love, Clyde
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: Declarer
Pages: 260 Date: 1968

Synopsis: No Bridge enthusiast can hope to win steadily or have more than his share of wins without a thorough knowledge of end game techniques. Yet until this unusual book appeared, a player might take a lifetime of play to acquire even an imperfect knowledge of squeezes. Here, for the first time in history, a master of end play tells how to initiate and execute both elementary and advanced squeezes. Starting with the most basic facts, Mr. Love leads the reader into the realm of expert play by easy stages, analyzing simple squeezes, Vienna coup, Bath coup, double squeezes, elimination play, trump squeezes, and similar plays. To render the book more useful, bidding has been included, even though primary concern is with the play of the cards. In addition, 129 exercises and 59 problems, complete with analyses and answers, enable the reader to put into immediate practice the intricacies of winning end play strategy.

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