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Name: Bridge Play from A to Z
Author: Coffin, George
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: Play
Pages: 350 Date: 1979

Synopsis: What is the difference between a master bridge player and a mediocre player? Besides the obvious difference in the mastery of technique, which the top-flight player has refined by continual practice so that it is almost second nature, the major difference lies in the expert's clear understanding of the underlying structure of the game itself. Such a player can instantaneously assess any hand and classify it according to the pro­per strategy and tactics to be employed. With this book, One of the most thorough guides to bridge ever written, the average player can finally gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of play. Not only does the book offer clear, step-by-step analyses of 276 illuminating deals, illustrating every type of card play known in practical bridge. Conveying an astounding amount of information in the most accessible format ever devised for such a book, this is a bridge player's dictionary that belongs on every player's bookshelf. Because of the exceptional teaching abilities of George S. Coffin, veteran player and writer, the instruction in this book can improve the playing level of almost any bridge enthusiast, from relative beginner to experienced competitor.

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