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Name: Bridge Hands to Make You Laugh…and Cry
Author: Bird, David & Sarantakos, Nikos
Target Audience: Advanced
Category: General
Pages: 176 Date: 2004

Synopsis: Bridge is game of triumph and disaster. Extreme good luck for one side is extreme bad luck for the other. When one partnership is tempted to laugh, the other will be close to tears. It is only because success at the game means so much to the players that bridge has remained the world’s top card game for so many decades. In this book David Bird and Nikos Sarantakos gather together some of the most extraordinary bridge deals ever played. Sometimes a brilliant play succeeded but points were lost because of a huge disaster at the other table. On other deals an apparent disaster gained points because there was an even worse accident at the other table. Sit back and enjoy the hands and the stories, nearly all of which come from the very highest level of the game. By studying (and, let’s admit it, enjoying!) the misfortunes of others, you can avoid suffering such disasters yourself. A book to delight any player keen to improve their game

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