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Name: Bid Boldly, Play Safe
Author: Markus, Rika
Target Audience: Intermediate
Category: General
Pages: 285 Date: 1979

Synopsis: In this book - her first - Rixi Markus explains how this attitude of mind can enable the average player to achieve a high standard of performance, without memorizing conventions or applying complicated rules of thumb, because it improves his technique, his judgment and his grasp of the game's essential principles. Her forthright pronouncements on the making and countering of pre-emptive bids, on systems, signals, ethics and many other controversial issues are backed by a wealth of telling illustrations from her unrivaled experience of high-level tournament and rubber bridge all over the world. The whole book reflects a vivid personality, a keen sense of fun and an almost missionary zeal to see the game she loves enjoyed as a mental sport by the leisured masses of tomorrow.

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