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Range Stayman (Enquiry Stayman) - After partner overcalls 1 Notrump in the passout seat, the partner of the balancer may use the 2C Stayman bid to inquire the point range of the 1 Notrump overcaller and major suit fit. 

Without the Range Stayman bid, the advancer typically overcalls 1 Notrump with 11-14 points ("borrowing" a King from partner); with 15-17 points, the overcaller first doubles then bids Notrump.  While this treatment works fine with the minors, when the opponent opens with a major suit the balancer's bidding space is limited - balancer cannot rebid 1N when responding partner must make a 2 level bid.

The general range for the balancing seat Range Notrump bids are:

Opening Opponent's
opening suit

Overcaller's High Card Point Range


11-14 points - continue standard treatment


11-16 points - Range Stayman

Example where responder holds invitational values:

  (1H/S) P (P) 1N
  (P) 2C (P) ?


1 Notrump
Advancer's Rebid

Opener's Range

Opener's Shape
2D 11-13 points No 4+ card major


11-13 points

4+ card major

2N 14-16 points Undisclosed

After balancer's 2N rebid, responder's 3C bid is Stayman

3D 14-16 No 4 card major
3H/S 14-16 4+ card major

When balancer rebids 2N, responder's transfer bids are in effect:

(1H/S) P (P) 1N
(P) 2C (P) 2N
(P) ?


Responder Rebids after Overcaller's
2N rebid (showing 14-16 points)

Transfer Suit






None - 3N is "to play"

Note: Range Enquiry Stayman methods vary based on partnership agreements.

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