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Obligatory Falsecard - A deliberately misleading play signal that is more likely to confuse the opponents' regarding one's side suit holdings.

Declarer finesse guess - the typical theme involved dropping a marked finesse card on second play when holding a third card:

  K J 2

 Q 10 5

  8 7 6

  A 9 4 3


South cashes the SA followed with a successful finesse of East's SQ to North's SJ.  Continuing with North's SK, West should play the marked SQ to gain a chance at winning the S10.

  A J 9 3 2

10 8 7

  K Q

  6 5 4


South makes a deep finesse toward North's S9, East covering with the SQ.  When South eventually reenters hand leading another low Spade, West should falsecard the marked S10. This gives the illusion West has a doubleton, giving East a chance to win the SK.


Declarer suit breakage guess - here the theme involves restricted choice, giving declarer the perception the suit breakage is not advantageous:

  A K Q 10 7

8 6 5

  J 9 4

  3 2


South plays to North's SA, apparently planning to see how the suit cooperates.  East's only chance to win a trick is to falsecard the SJ, potentially leading South to mistakenly finesse East for the S9.

  A 4 3 2

10 9 8

  Q 7

  K J 6 5


Declarer play a low Spade from dummy North, apparently planning a finesse.  Knowing the finesse is onside, East should make an irrational second hand high playing the SQ which provides the illusion of a singleton.  This may give West a later side suit ruff if the declarer believes the Spade trump suit is not behaving well and abandons drawing trump.


Declarer offside finesse signal guess - when partner may have tenaces onside, providing  a false suit preference signal may help protect partner:

A Q 9 3




Trump: Spades

8 7 6 5 2

10 4


Spades are trump.  East knows any possible West Heart honors are finessable, thus when draws Spade trumps, East discards a Heart encouraging signal hoping South might be misled into an inferior play.

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