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Mini Roman - An opening bid of 2 Diamonds to show a 11-15 point opening hand with either a 4-4-4-1 or 5-4-4-0 distribution.  Without the use of the conventional treatment to show this unusual hand shape, the opener frequently has a difficult time describing the hand shape with subsequent rebids.  Many, but not all, Mini Roman players require Spades be among the 4+ card suits (no 1=4=4=4 distribution), others require the Spade suit on when Vulnerable, and a few like the convention enough to drop special requirements entirely.

Responder's 2 Notrump bid is the only forcing response:  2D - 2N;
Partnership 2N strength agreements are needed; some play invitational values with as little as 8 HCP (forcing one round), while others consider responder's 2N game forcing.

Mini Roman bidding scenario include:




2D - P!

Holding a 6+ card Diamond suit with 0-7 HCP, no major suit, responder may pass

2D - 2H/S

No interest in game, asking opener to either pass or correct to a 4 card Spade suit.  Thus, opener usually plays the contract in 2H or 2S.  Responder bidding the lowest 4 card or reasonable 3 card major with 3=3=3=4 or 3=3=4=3 distribution.

2D - 2H;
2S - 3C/D

Occasionally the responder does not have length in the opener's 2 level suit.  In this scenario, the responder persists by rebidding 3 of the longer minor and opener signs off.

2D - 3m;

The responder may have a 6 card minor (likely partners short suit) with a reasonable tolerance to play in the next higher suit at the 3 level.

2D - 2N;

Bidding 2N, responder's bid is forcing (one round or game, depending on agreements).  Opener now shows the short suit, akin to a splinter bid (without the jump)

2D - 2N;
3H/S - 4S/H

After responder promises game values, opener typically rebids 3H or 3S and responder signs off in the major suit game (other major).

2D - (2x)...

If opponents interfere, a 3 level bid by responder is competitive without showing game interest.

An interesting alternative to opener showing the short suit after responder's 2N bid is the "submarine" treatment - opener's rebid is one less than the opener's short suit.  This allows responder to actually pass opener's short suit with a 6+ card suit and no opportunity for game.  Since opener must bid 3N with a short Spade suit - thus most "submarine bidders" do not bid Mini Roman with a short Spade suit).  Otherwise, responder may still make normal game bids (or invitational 3 level bids if playing that treatment).

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