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Coded Nines and Tens (Jack Denies, 10 Implies) - An opening lead system designed to show honor holdings.  A lead of a 9 or 10 implies either zero or two higher honors in the suit led, while leading a Jack suggests no higher honors.  Normal "low from honor" lead carding still applies, as 4th best, etc.  When partner leads a 9 or 10, partner generally assumes leader has 2 cards above unless the player in the third seat can see the complimentary card.  So if leader plays the 10 and the 9 is in either the dummy or the hand of third seat player, assume zero above; the same is true if the 9 is lead and the 10 is visible.  Otherwise, assume partner has 2 cards above the 10 or 9.  Particularly against opponent's Notrump contract, leads include:



J 10 8 2

Jack - Jack denies (normally top of sequence, maybe broken)

Q J 9 2

9 - shows two higher than lead of nine

A J 10 4

10 - shows two higher

K 10 9 3

9 - shows two higher

Q 10 9 7

9 - shows two higher

J 9 7 5 3

C5 - standard 4th best from an honor

Q 10 9 7

9 - shows two higher

9 7 5 3

C7 or C9- without honor, lead top or next to top

A 10 9 4 2

9 - shows two higher (obviously declarer is in Notrump - do not lead away from an Ace with a 5 card suit when declarer is in a trump suit)

K Q 10 9 2

Q - while 10 seems normal, an better treatment is the lead of the A or Q asks for an unblock of partners honor as J 2 from a doubleton

A K J 10 2
A K Q 10 2
A Q J 10 2
A K J 9 2

A, asking for an unblock or count

A K 10 9 2
A Q 10 9 2

9 exceptionally.  Leading the 10 may confuse partner the lead was from a sequence.  It's far better to ensure partner knows leader has at least two honors above the opening lead rather than be misled into believing Declarer has all the honors


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