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Guide Card - A cardboard paper placed on a Duplicate table by the Director before play begins.  The Guide Card provides players table movement details between rounds in a session.  When the Director uses a Howell movement, the Guide Card only need show the Table number.  However, in a Howell movement, the Guide Card provides important Board and Player details for each round (two Board rounds here).

This Guide Card is placed on Table 1 for a 14 pair (7 table) session.  On the first round, pair #5 sits North/South with pair #12 sitting East/West.  The competitors will play boards 1 and 2 the first round. 

After playing the first round, the North/South pair #5 players will move to Table 2, sitting East/West; pair #12 will proceed to 5, continuing in the East/West seats (for now).

Similar to a Mitchell movement, the boards are typically moved to the next lower Table.  However, in this movement the instructions advise the players to move Boards 1 and 2 to the "Assembly Table" - a temporary location to park the Boards until they are needed - with 26 Boards in play, 2 at each table and Boards 15 and 16 coming into play at Table 7, it will be some time before these Boards return to play.

As a double check, notice the correct procedure for round #2: North/South pairs are #6, playing East/West pairs #13, playing boards 3-4.  The players at those Tables were provided Guide Card instructions (comparable to those shown here) directing them to Table #1 in their respective seats.  Either the Director or players must move the Boards down one Table each round.



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