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Dummy Reversal - The typical declarer play involves ruffing declarers losers using the dummy's short suit.  However, when the dummy has features such as a long side suit worthy of promotion, the declarer may find a better strategy is to rethink the play of the hand from the dummy's perspective.  Another dummy reversal opportunity occurs when holding a large number of winning trumps; the declarer may find it advantageous to ruff the partnerships longer trump holding until the opposite hand is holding more trumps.

A 4 3 2
A K 4 3 2
A K 5
A Q J 10
Q J 10
8 7 6
Q J 10

Contract: 4H

9 8 7
9 8
Q J 10 9
9 8 7 6
  K 6 5 4 3
K 7 6 5
4 3 2

East leads the HQ and declarer notes the best opportunity to make game is to promote Dummy's Diamonds.  Winning the HQ with Dummy's HA, declarer plays a second round of trump to the HK.  Next win the DA and DK, ruffing the third Diamond in declarer's hand. Ruffing in the declarer's hand is an abnormal action for most situations (the Dummy Reversal) - typically the declarer has longer trumps than the dummy, thus preferring to ruff shorter trumps in dummy and establish trump in the longer declarer hand.  The declarer returns to Dummy's CA and continues playing Diamonds. West is entitled to the HJ, however declarer owns four more tricks to make game - 3 red cards and the CK.

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