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Card Utility for Windows


Merlin Vilhauer

Portland Oregon

 Graphic Convention Card 9.04, Nov 10, 2005

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Sample Card

Whats New as of Nov 10, 2005

The version of the "New" graphic card is 9.04 Sept 26, 2005 Fixed some of the problems with the Tab Key

The version of the "New" graphic card is 9.04 Sept 26, 2005
Fixed some problems with editing text
Fixed a problem in Other Conventions. Now have check box for
Weak Jump shift "in Comp" and "not in Comp"
This was done to follow Conventional Wisdom on ACBL Web site.

Whats New as of 8.14 Jan 15, 2005

Fixed some problems with the tab key and editing the text and moving around with mouse to various positions
Fixed some problems with editing in the text boxes

Fixed some problems with editing the input text in DEFENSE vs NOTRUMP

Fixed some problems with editing the input text field and using the tab key

Whats New as of 8.11 Nov 21, 2004

Fixed some problems with editing the input text field

Whats New as of 8.06 Oct 28, 2004

Fixed some problems with the printing

Whats New as of 8.05 Oct 10, 2004

Fixed some problems when using the tab key

Whats New as of 8.04 Oct 1, 2004

Fixed the font size so you can fit in more characters with smaller font

Fixed some problems in Defense over NOTRUMP

Added a dialog box for strong/weak bids so dia/hts/spades can be the same.

Whats New as of 8.02 July 24, 2004

The latest version has the ability to cycle through the input text fields by using the Tab key. Once a field is filled the tab key will move to next position. Also added howto.doc to the files saved to try and explain how to use the program. THis file will be stored in same directory as the program. Open it and read how to make the program work.

What is New in Version 8.01

In this version you can enter the suit characters in the text field. Use Function keys F2-F5 for Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. Also the program now saves the color and font selected so when you bring the old file back it has the font and color you have selected.

Fixed the problem with the large printer font size. Hopefully it will work now.

Fixed The weak bids for Majors and Minors in competition to be in black therefore not an alert.

The new items are to give a little help in filling out the card where you type in text. If you click the right mouse button in places where text should appear, a small window will appear with suggestions to place in the text box. left clicking on your choice will insert the text. You can also type in anything else you want. The popup window can be made to disappear by clicking on the X at top right. The Second item is the marked boxes are in the same color. If using a check mark or an X it is same color as box.

What Does It Do?


The new graphic convention card program has a full graphic interface where you can edit the card. You can enter information (text) and mark boxes can be checked etc. It will printout like the previous cards but you can see the changes you have made on the screen as the card will print. You can change the font size and type of font. You can change the color as well. You can also change the marked boxes. They can be a check mark, an X or the color of the box.


This program allows you to create your own customized convention cards and print them using a color or black and white printer (the ACBL approves of cards printed in black and white as long as you highlight the alertable areas in red and the announceable areas in blue).

Using the program you can fill out the convention card the same way you fill out the paper one now. You can write text into the blanks, fill in check boxes, and circle suit symbols and opening leads. After you have filled out a card you can save it in a convention card library where you can retrieve it at a later date to modify and print. Remember this program is still being developed and still has some minor problems. I would like to get them fixed when you encounter them. I need you help in finding the problems.

The program has been modified to save the completed convention card in a format that can be read by OK bridge 4.0/4.10. I have tested it with my cards but there may still be some problems. Please let me know about any problems. Thanks.

New Items

A couple of things here. One you can now change the marked boxes to be the old green X or a black check mark or the color of the box filled in with red, blue or black. You can also change the color of the input text and the font of the text. All these are under Options on the first page of the program. Fixed a couple of problems such as more space for ACBL numbers - can enter both Pairs. The bold on leads should work better. Can enter text in NT overcalls to override the initial stuff. Also fixed the font setup for printing and screen display. You can change the font size from 8 to 12 - anything bigger does not print well so didn't allow that. Also attempted to fix the problem of large print on some printers. I hope this will work.

Download the   Graphic Convention Card Format as of Nov 2005 version 9.04:
works on Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT/2000/XP)

  • How Do I Install It?

    1. Download the self extracting file by left clicking and saving to your disk Drivengcard32.exe (505KB).

    2. Save ngcard32.exe in an (empty) temporary folder (e.g. c:\temp), and execute it. It will expand into several and install on your computer

    3. You are now ready to run the program. Click on the the icon (graphic convention card) that is now on your computers desktop

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