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ACBL Convention Card Editor
Questions and Answers




1. Printing Problems.

When the print dialog box comes up, click on PROPERTIES, then click on OK. Then click on OK (in the print dialog box). This seems to work, and I'm not sure why. Also make sure the printer you are using is the Windows default printer.

2. When editing the card, the bottom of the form does not show all of the card.

This is because the Windows System Tray setting is on "Always on Top". Change the setting by:
a) On the Windows main form, click the button.
b) Select "Settings"
c) Select "Taskbar"
d) Remove the check mark in the "Always on top" line.

3. I am having trouble editing a field on the card.

The "Edit a Field" option. Use it as follows:

1. Right click on the card.
2. Select "Edit a Field".
3. Left click on one of the text fields. E.g. the area where you enter your name.
4. A small form will display with all sorts of stuff in it.
a) Click on the "Set Font" button. Select some font
other that "Arial Narrow". E.g. if you have a script font try that. Change it to Bold, Italic.
b) Click "OK"
c) Click "Save Changes"
d) Click "Done"

Now enter something in that field and see what it looks like.

Also, you know about using the card symbols right? When entering text, press F5, F6, F7, F8. When you move the cursor off that field, the card symbols will appear.

4. When I try to add a new text field to the card, it deletes some existing fields.

There is very little room on the ACBL card to add new fields, and it is easy to overlay an existing field. If this happens, you will receive a warning that you are about to delete an existing text area or checkbox.
It is OK to delete pre-defined areas if you want to, but just remember that they will not be there later.

My suggestion for adding a new text field is to create a very small text field in a clear area on the card.
Then click Save Changes, then click Done.
Now right click to bring up the editing options again, and select Edit a Field.
Click on the new field that you just created.
Use the positioning arrows to move the field to the desired location, and use the size arrows to change the field to the desired size.

5. Can I run your program on a MAC?.

I really don't know anything about MACs, but I have been told that my program works on an iMac running in Windows emulation mode.

On the ACBL Website, there is an editor for MACs. I do not know anything about it since I do not have access to a MAC.

6. How can I change the font on a field on the card?.

If you want to change the font on only one field:
While viewing the card, you can click the "right" mouse button, and it will list some options. Select "Edit a Field". Next click on the field you want to change. One of the options will be "Font". There, you can change the font size.

If you want to change the size on ALL fields: Click "Options" (at the top of the screen). and select "Card Global Settings", then click "Set Font".

7. How can I share send my cards to my partner's computer?

There are two easy ways:

1. Copy to Diskette –You can copy the cards to diskette (as described in 'Help' in the program), and give it to someone who also has this program installed on their computer.

2. Email – Create an Email message the way you normally do, then click the option for attaching files. Browse to the
C:\Program Files\ACBL Convention Card Editor\ACBL
folder on your computer. You will see all of your card files. Select the cards that you want to send.

8 In previous versions of your you printed the score sheet on the back. The new version doesn't print the back of the card. Am I missing something?

The program no longer prints the back of the card. It seemed like a waste of expensive ink, since you can get score sheets at the club.

9 Can I just download new exe and it will overwrite older version? Or do I have to delete old version before downloading and installing new version?

You don't have to delete or uninstall the old version. You can just download and install the new one. It will put a "Diamond" icon on your main screen.
Once you have the new one working OK, I recommend that you remove the old one to save disk space.

10 After having downloaded the .exe file and installing the program, can the ACBLInstall.exe file then be deleted.

Yes, after the program is installed, the ACBLInstall.exe file is no longer needed. Delete it.

11 I want to copy an existing card, but with a different name. I want to keep the old one also. Can this be done?

On the main screen, click on the card you want to copy. It will then be highlighted in the list.
Now Right click anywhere on the form, and select "Save as ..."
One of the "Save as ..." options will be "A new card".
Select this option and you will be given a screen where you enter new name for the new card.

This is all explained in the "Help".


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