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This chart applies to all NABC+ events with no upper masterpoint limit played at an NABC in which contestants play segments (no change of opponents) of 12 or more boards. This chart (or any part) may be used at a sectionally or regionally rated event or tournament at sponsor's option in any event with 12-board or longer segments provided this has been included in tournament advertising.

Pre-Alerts are required for all conventional methods not permitted on the ACBL General Convention Chart. Description of, and suggested defenses to, such methods must be made in writing. A defense to a method which requires the above pre-Alert may be referred to during the auction by opponents of the convention user.

For NABC+ events in which this chart is permitted, pairs playing SuperChart methods must furnish the above descriptions of their methods to the Director-in-Charge of the event the day prior to the session in which they choose to play them.



      * *   Unless specifically allowed methods are disallowed   * *

All of the ACBL Mid-Chart plus any other non-destructive convention, treatment or method except that:

  1. Artificial weak bids at the two or three level (including those with strong adjuncts) must possess:

    1. a known suit, or

    2. one of no more than two possible suits not to include the suit bid.

  2. Defenses over opponents' natural suit bids must promise:

    1. for non-cuebids showing a single-suited hand, one of no more than two possible suits

    2.  a cuebid which could show a weak hand with four or more cards in the suit bid must promise four or more  cards in another known suit.

  3. The prohibitions contained in item #9 under RESPONSES AND REBIDS on the General Convention Chart are effective for this Chart. (However, this prohibition does not extend to notrumps that have two non-consecutive ranges neither of which exceeds 3 HCP.)



  1. Conventions and/or agreements whose primary purpose is to destroy the opponents' methods.

  2. Psyching of artificial opening bids and/or conventional responses thereto.

  3. Psychic controls. (Includes ANY partnership agreement which, if used in conjunction with a psychic call, makes allowance for that psych.)

  4. Forcing pass systems.

  5. Opening one bids which by partnership agreement could show fewer than 8 HCP. (Not applicable to a psych.)

  6. Psyching a conventional agreement which may show fewer than 10 HCP and which is not permitted by the General Convention Chart. This includes psyching responses to or rebids of those methods.



Same as listed on the General Convention Chart:

Dual-message carding strategies are not approved except on each defender's first discard. Except for the first discard, only right-side-up or upside-down card ordering strategies are approved. Encrypted signals are not approved. In addition, a pair may be prohibited from playing any method (such as suit preference systems at trick one), when they are deemed to be playing it in a manner which is not compatible with the maintenance of proper tempo (much like dual message signals). This decision may be appealed to the tournament committee.


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