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 Cuebid - A forcing bid in a suit which bidder does not wish to play.  Here is a sample of some of the many Cuebids used:

Purpose and Example

Limit Plus Raise

A bid in opponent's bid or implied suit

Example: 1S - (2H) - 3H

Western Cuebid

Asking partner to consider 3 Notrump with a stopper, often used at the 3 level.

Example: (2H) - 2S - (P) - 3H
Here, 3H denies stopper

Eastern Cuebid

Showing partner a stopper

Example: (2H) - 2S - (P) - 3H
Here, 3H shows stopper

Control Showing

A bid showing first or second round of controls, as Aces & Kings

Example: 1H - 3H; 3S
shows the Spade Ace

Michaels Cuebid

A bid showing two long suits, usually 5+ cards

Example: (1H) - 2H
shows black suits

Splinter Bids

A bid showing shortness in suit bid

Example: 1S - 4D
shows singleton/void

Choice of Game Cuebid

A cuebid by opener over opponent's intervening preemptive bid requesting partner to choice game between either bid suit.  If responder chooses one suit and opener then bids the other suit, opener is showing interest in slam.

Example: 1H - (3D) - 3S - (P);
requests partner to choose between the majors

All Purpose

A generalized cuebid quering partner for further information

Example: 1C - (1H) - X - (P);
shows additional values, querying doubling responder for additional information.

Tops and Bottoms Cuebid

A cuebid of opponents' 1 level opening bid, indicating a two-suited hand - specifically the top and bottom (highest and lowest) remaining suits

Example: (1H) - 2H
Shows precisely Spades and Clubs (unlike Michael's Cuebid, playing Tops and Bottoms the lowest unbid suit is always "anchored").


A direct bid of opponent's major suit, showing a long holding in the other colors

Example: 1D - (2D)
Shows length in Clubs and Spades


An advancer bid of opponent's suit, showing strong interest in game.

Example: 1H - (1S) - 2S

Also see Director Tech File

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