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Compound Trump Guard Squeeze - This is a variation of the Compound Guard Squeeze, operating when opponents must discard on declarer's trump.  Similarly, the strategy is a triple suited squeeze, where two suits are stopped by both opponents.  While the defenders attempt to cooperatively each guard one suit, the declarer discards holding in the suit retained over the opponent (positionally, the Right Hand Opponent). Finally, declarer cashes tricks that squeeze the other opponent in the remaining retained suits.

K 9 8
K 6
A 2
Q 5
Q 7
K 9


Trump: Spades

 J 3 2
 J 8
Q 8
  K Q 10
 6 4

Declarer needs the remaining tricks, with an apparent loser and no chance to finesse or promotion. On trick one, declarer leads trump SK. East is squeezed and must unprotect a minor - the D8 here.  On the second trump,  West cooperatively unprotect the other suit playing C9.  Dummy's should follow East's prior discard, pitching  D6. Now cashing DK (East's empty suit), East is squeezed to play the H2. Finally, declarer ruffs a Heart, Dummy's remaining Club and Hearts are winners.

Also see Squeezes and Bridge Books on Squeezes

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