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Compound Squeeze - The combination of both a triple squeeze followed up by a double squeeze.  The requirements for the Compound Squeeze include:


Declarer holds one threat stopped by only one defender, with the threat card sitting behind the Declarer.


Declarer must have doubly stopped threat cards in two other suits, along with associated entries back into hand.

3.   Two successive squeezes are required to qualify as a Compound Squeeze.


  Q J
9 5

K 9 4
8 7 6 3

Q 10 5
  K 9 5
  J 8 7
  A 4
 Q J 4

In a Notrump contract, South needs all 7 tricks to make the contract with only 5 sure tricks. In this scenario West will attempt to guard Spades, while East plans to protect the Club suit.  The Declarer cashes three Hearts, forcing West to discard 3 times - seeing three Clubs in dummy, West begins with the Spade 3 but is forced to pitch two more black card and so elects to abandon the Clubs suit and pitches the Club 5 and 10.  East begins discarding the stiff Diamond and after watching partner West pitch two Club, must now pitch two Spades and bare down to the stiff Spade King in order to keep parity length with dummy's Clubs. From the dummy, after playing the first two Hearts and seeing West abandon the Club suit, declarer discards the Spade Jack from dummy.

 On trick 4 and noting West earlier pitched two Club, South now plays the Club Ace and is relieved to see West's Club Queen drop.

Then on trick 5 South play the Club 6 to dummy's Club King, with West pitching the Spade 6 and East following with a low Spade.

Since one of the opponents have the outstanding promoted Club Jack, declarer plays the Spade Ace and is relieved to find East's stiff Spade King is blanked and dummy's Spade Queen has been promoted on a second squeeze - the essential requirement for a Compound Squeeze.

Also see Squeezes and Bridge Books on Squeezes

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