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Backwash Squeeze/Vienna Coup -  This squeeze play is based on a trump squeeze where both menace cards are in the same hand, with the opponent seated behind the menaces holding two guards leads a trump. Aptly named, the opponent is squeezed in the backwash since the Declarer squeeze takes a ruff with the hand holding the menaces.  Another variation is the Seres Squeeze, where one of the squeezed suits is trump.

6 4
K 8 7
Q 5
10 4

Declarer: South

Trump: Spades

Q J 10 9
K 8

South works the hand to this holding, needing five of six remaining tricks. During the auction, East bid Clubs so West is likely to have the red suits guarded behind declarer (Spade trumps have already been drawn).  Thus, declarer wins the CK, ruffing a Club and intently watching West's discard.  Declarer will subsequently cash winners in the suit West discarded, reducing West to one winner based on the Vienna Coup.  Note - a clever West would under ruff the Club with the Declarer to break the squeeze.

See Coups, Crocodile Coup, Morton Fork Coup, Robert Coup,and books on Coups and Squeezes

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