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Usenet Bridge Abbreviations -

AC - Appeals Committee
ACBL - American Contract Bridge League
AI - Authorized Information
ArtAS - Artificial Adjusted Score
AssAS - Assigned Adjusted Score
ATF - Across The Field [matchpointing]
ATTNA - Appeal to the National Authority
BBL - British Bridge League
BLML - Bridge Laws Mailing List
BoD - Board of Directors [ACBL]
BoG - Board of Governors [ACBL]
BOOT - Bid Out Of Turn
BTW - By The Way
C&E - Conduct and Ethics [often hearings]
CC - Convention Card
CoC - Conditions of Contest
COOT - Call Out Of Turn
CoP - Code of Practice
CPU - Concealed Partnership Understanding
CTD - Chief Tournament Director
DBF - Danish Bridge Federation
DIC - Director In Charge
DP - Disciplinary Penalty
EBL - European Bridge League
EBU - English Bridge Union
F2F - Face To Face [to distinguish from Online bridge]
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions [often produced as a document]
FOLOOT - Faced Opening Lead Out Of Turn
GCC - General Convention Chart [ACBL]
HTH - Hope this helps
IIRC - If I remember correctly
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
LA - Logical alternative
L&EC - Laws & Ethics Committee [English, Welsh or Scottish]
Lnn - Law number nn
LOL - Little Old Lady [may be of either sex]
LOOT - Lead Out Of Turn
ME - MisExplanation
MI - MisInformation
MPC - Major Penalty Card
mPC - minor Penalty Card
MSC - Master Solvers' Club [The Bridge World]
NA - National Authority
NABC - ACBL North American Bridge Championships
NBB - Nederlandse Bridge Bond [Dutch Bridge League]
NBO - National Bridge Organization
NCBO - National Contract Bridge Organization
NG - Newsgroup
NIBU - Northern Ireland Bridge Union
NO - Non-Offender
NOs - Non-Offenders
NOS - Non-Offending Side
NP - No Problem
OBM - Old Black Magic
OBOOT - Opening Bid Out Of Turn
OKB - OKBridge
OLB - On Line Bridge [to distinguish from Face-to-face bridge]
OLOOT - Opening Lead Out Of Turn
OOT - Out-Of-Turn
Os - Offenders
OS - Offending Side
OTOH - On The Other Hand
POOT - Pass Out Of Turn [or]
POOT - Play Out Of Turn
PP - Procedural Penalty
RA - Regulating Authority
RGB - [newsgroup]
RLB - Real Life Bridge [to distinguish from Online bridge]
RoC - Rule of Coincidence
RotG - Rub of the Green
RoW - Rest of World [apart from North America]
SBU - Scottish Bridge Union
SO - Sponsoring Organization
TBW - The Bridge World [magazine]
TD - Tournament Director
TDic - Tournament Director in charge
UI - Unauthorized Information
WBF - World Bridge Federation
WBFLC - WBF Laws Committee
WBU - Welsh Bridge Union
WTP - What's The Problem?
ZO - Zonal Organization
ZT - Zero Tolerance [for unacceptable behavior]

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