Poll #5, November 22, 2010

Self-Sustaining Suits, whether or not you lust for fine clothes, all Bridge players seem to have a loving relationship with a long, strong suit. Okay, here’s your chance to not only try on a lovely suit but see how it wears when bidding the same hands in third seat. And what about when you’re bidding the same hands in third seat – should that matter? Probing deeper, does it matter if you are short in the Spade suit in the third seat? So many questions, so little time at the table. But here, take your time and consider the alternatives – we will be waiting…

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  1. BridgeHands says:

    Hello Bridge thrill-seekers,

    After tallying up the votes on the first day of the poll, it’s clear Bridge players have a wide range of ideas on how to bid these hands in third seat.

    A) S:.AKQJ987…H:.2…D:.KJ…C:.K32
    B) S:.2…H:.AKQJ987…D:.KJ…C:.K32
    In 1st and 3rd seat, what are your bids?

    With a fair majority collecting 41 percent of the vote (45 vote lead), the winner is:

    A) 1S in 1st but 4S in 3rd seat,
    B) 1H in 1st but 4H in 3rd seat

    Second place goes to:
    A) 1S,…B. 1H, either 1st or 3rd seat

    Then comes a horserace between these trailers:
    A) 1S any seat, B) 1H 1st but 4H in 3th seat
    A & B) Other, as strong 2C opener, etc

    So if your favorite approach didn’t come out on top – no problemo. The greater good is to evaluate hands like these with your partners. Players have a variey of styles; Bridge is about forming agreements and learning partnership bidding tenancies

    Reviewing the incoming results, I think we all gained some insights on across-the-board bidding styles.

    Warm Regards, Michael


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