Poll #3, November 17, 2010

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  1. With hand B I would rather overcall 1NT = minimum 5-4 in S and C with 6-11 HCP. The overcall is part of GAstem scheme where over 1 in a suit opps opening 2C = 6-11 HCP min 5-4 in the 2 Lower Ranking Suits except opener’s suit , 2D = 6-11 HCP min 5-4 in the 2 Higher Ranking Suits escept opener’s suit and finally 1NT = 6-11 HCP min 5-4 in the 2 Extreme Suits except opener’s suit. With GAstem it is possible to offer a double choice to partner and there is the mathematic certainty to identify a 4-4 fit which is often lost in overcalls.

  2. BridgeHands says:

    At the end of the first day of this poll, it’s a very close race with those bidding 2 Hearts on the first hand with four more High Card Points and the second hand with a nice six card Heart suit and outside Ace and King. When vulnerable, many solid players prefer to have a hand that usually will produce tricks without a lot of help from partner. So while the first hand has the HCP, the spread Queens and Jacks as well as the poor trump honors are questionable. So while making a bid on the first hand MIGHT work out fine, looking at that hand critically we can clearly see it often will produce fewer tricks and has more risk. Thus, we were holding hand A when playing “money Bridge” or with our future mother-in-law, we’d definitely PASS the first hand!

    Incidentally, I the major suits were reversed with RHO opening 1 Heart and we held these values with a 5 or 6 card Spade suit, THEN we would definitely overcall with either hand. Hopefully most everyone will agree that our risk increases incrementally with the contract level.

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