Poll #2: November 15, 2010

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  1. Kathryn Shannon says:

    Are you sure RHO opened 1H and we have the option to pass or bid 2H which surely is conventional?

  2. Ko vijn says:

    Are you sure anybody would overcall with 2H after a 1H with RHO ?
    Most players would play (1H) – 2H as conventional
    Or did you mean 1Spade with RHO ?
    If so, I would pass on A (worthless points)

  3. Mary says:

    In A, you have 14 high card points and 5 nice hearts, so I would bid 2 hearts. Now you’re partner knows you have at least an opening hand anad 5 hearts.

    In B, you have only 10 high card points, not enough to bid at the 2 level.

  4. alfonso says:

    1st hand Pass, waiting ti know what my p says.
    2nd hand 2 diamnots, knwing that only have 4 cards, but in many cases to say 2 Hearts means to have spades and a minor

  5. Kevin Hall says:

    Way to many soft points in A. B is a better hand, but we’re going to be groping at the 3 level red in hopes of a club fit. I’m inclined to defend on what shapes up to be a misfit for whoever is declaring.

  6. Bob Ferry says:

    I would double on the first bid in order to find out what my partner holds and then possibly go to 2 H.

  7. BridgeHands says:

    While we are only 15 hours into the poll, those who voted to pass both hands are destined to win by at least a 2 to 1 majority (a lead by 150 votes and counting).

    Ostensibly, most of our voters either play bidding opponents suit as a conventional cuebid or find it best to set the opponents misfortunate bid. Some are hopeful partner in passout seat will have a near opening hand with 4 Spades and make a takeout double. These optimists then envision converting partner’s takeout double to a PENALTY double for a juicy bonus. Ah, the world needs dreamers. For those with BridgeHands FREE membership subscription, please login to read additional thoughts above on the original post.

    On our next poll, we will have the same hands but this time RHO will open with a more plausible 1 Spade bid. I’m guessing the polling votes won’t be so lopsided next time. Okay, get ready to place your bets…

    Happy Bridging,


  8. jaf1935 says:

    I’d pass on having 4+ cards in the suit bid by rho and with these honours in the 5 cards It will be best to defend against a game in heart!!

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