Newcomer & Novice #14: Forcing Bids, Part I


In this issue, we begin our exploration of forcing bids. Categorically, there are three types of bids: forcing, invitational, and signoff calls. Generally, we know that when responder bids a new suit, it’s forcing for one round. Unfortunately, there are many scenarios where partnerships are not of the same mind on some auctions. And of course without harmony and trust, miscommunication can result in a missed game when partner mistakenly passes.

Quiz yourself here on forcing bids.

Also in this newsletter, we’re up to the Rule of 12 in our “Rules of” tips. In a competitive auction, sometimes it’s unclear whether to double the opponents for penalty. Using a bit of math and subtracting by the number 12, we can quickly determine if it’s appropriate to double the opponents.


  1. In ‘Forcing Bids – part 1’ you make the point:
    12. Do not make bids that punish your partner (balancing bids).
    Surely this should read:
    12. Do not make bids that punish your partner (by raising his balancing bid)

    Thank you, PattayBridge – that’s exactly what we meant to say! BridgeHands

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