Newcomer & Novice #12: Preemptive Bidding, Part 2


In this issue, we will continue our multi-part discussion devoted to preemptive bidding. As you will recall, the speculative nature of preemptive opening calls can lead to “creative” bidding. Better said, one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure! In our last issue, we covered hand evaluation methods helpful to make sound opening bids. After all, if our preemptive opening bids are completely undisciplined, our poor partner is definitely against the odds facing a:

– Left Hand Opponent
– Right Hand Opponent
– Center Hand Opponent (please don’t let that be you!)

So our success making preemptive responses is built on opener’s proverbial house of cards. In this lesson we will cover typical responder scenarios:

– Responder’s hand evaluation
– When to pass
– When to preemptively raise
– When to explore game and beyond
– How to deal with interference bids by opponents

Counting up the numbers, we’ve reached the Rule of 10 in our “Rules of” tips. For the mathematically inclined, perhaps you’ll find this algorithmic approach useful to evaluate when to double opponent’s auction.

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