Social Lesson 21, Negative Doubles – Part 1, Responder Bids

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Negative Doubles our partner asks? Oh sure, just like Takeout Doubles, right partner? Woah, wait a second – many aspects of Negative Doubles are exactly opposite our bidding strategy and requirement of the Takeout Double. Well, okay sure, in the case of the overcaller making a Takeout Double, yes, we definitely need more points, granted. But it gets a bit tougher when in some situations we promise both majors when making a Negative Double, in some circumstances with 4-3 in the majors, in some situations we may only have ONE 5+ card suit but less than 10 HCP and the beat goes on!

So in this lesson we will learn when to overcall at the 1 level, when to make a Negative Doubles, and a bit more on our possible Responder rebids.

Part 1 – Slide i.e., “Chalk Talk” learning essential req’s (35 minutes)
Part 2 – Hands 1-4 (47 minutes)
Part 3 – Hand 5 bidding AND declarer/defense play (30 minutes)

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Bridge Teachers – you may download your personal copy of our copyrighted video lesson here:

Social Lesson 21 – Part 1
Social Lesson 21 – Part 2
Social Lesson 21 – Part 3

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