Advanced Lesson 23 – Opening Leads vs NT Contract

Advanced Lesson 23 – Opening Leads vs NT Contract

You pick up your lackluster hand and the bidding takes off with the opponents winning the contract. So you’re on lead opposite a Notrump contract, now what? Do you lead your long suit, maybe a short suit in hopes to help your partner, a safe passive lead, an active lead, a sequence suit lead? Geesh, maybe this Bridge play isn’t so easy after all. No problemo, let’s play some hand, listen to the commentary and we’ll soon have the hang of this! The following is from our new Livestreaming “webinar” show! In addition to the 10 hands we also will play several variations to illustrate The Good, The Bad, and The UGG!

Part 1 – 27 minutes: Essential Strategies – Counting, Inferences, Analysis
Part 2 – 36 minutes: Hand 1-5
Part 3 – 16 minutes: Hand 6-8
Part 4 – 25 minutes: Hand 9-10

Here at BridgeHands all of our Bridge hands are full of commentary (regardless of who is the declarer and defender) and analysis on hand evaluation, bidding and animated card play.   As always, our hand discussion offers a refreshingly rare glimpse of Bridge inside the minds of all four players at the table as play progresses, bid by bid, card by card.  

As a Premium and ULTRA member, you are welcome to enjoy the entire four-part lesson segments with lots of hands, plus an opportunity to view future shows during your membership subscription period.   And as always, be sure to check out the hundreds of hours of videos in our archive that is growing by leaps and bounds, by clicking “Index to Videos” on the navigation above or simply click this link.

Bridge Teachers – you may download your personal copy of our copyrighted video lesson here:

Advanced Lesson 23 – Part 1

Advanced Lesson 23 – Part 2

Advanced Lesson 23 – Part 3

Advanced Lesson 23 – Part 4

As always and until our next show, Happy Trails until we meet again!

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